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Spencer Wright and Like Sew Featured in eCommerce Next Article

by | Apr 9, 2024

Spencer Wright, GM of Like SewIn a recent interview with Spencer Wright, the General Manager of Like Sew, he shed light on the platform’s capabilities and offered insights for small businesses in the retail sector.

Like Sew’s platform simplifies various aspects of operations for quilt and fabric retailers, freeing up time for them to enhance the customer experience. One standout feature is its data collection capabilities, which allow retailers to gather insights from different facets of their business, including inventory, sales, classes, and more. This data can then inform loyalty programs, email marketing campaigns, and product orders, giving retailers the ability to customize rewards offerings and track customer purchases effectively.

Looking ahead to the holiday season and 2024, small businesses, especially those deemed “non-essential,” face economic challenges. Wright emphasized the need for exceptional customer experiences to stand out and compete with larger retailers. Rising costs and consumer budget constraints mean that inventory curation is essential to align with customer needs and avoid unsold products.

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, Like Sew and Spencer Wright advocate for small businesses to leverage technology, data analytics, and personalized experiences to thrive and succeed, even in challenging economic conditions. You can access the full interview on here: for a more comprehensive look at Like Sew’s solutions and insights for small businesses in the quilting and sewing retail industry.