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Offering A Quilting Subscription Box at Your Store

by | Apr 9, 2024

The pandemic created a resurgence in the world of crafting and hobbies. As people were shuttered in their homes, their usual entertainment options gone, many returned to old hobbies while others found new ones. 

Quilting is one of those hobbies and enthusiasts are turning to the Internet to find what they need. As with many crafts, quilters have unique needs, which makes curated subscription boxes a great way for your fabric and sewing store to engage customers and even reach new audiences. 

Imagine the delight of your crafters as they open their latest arrival of curated quilting projects and supplies to see what this month’s quilting subscription box holds. Whether they’ve purchased it for themselves or gotten it as a gift, it’s one they’re sure to remember and cherish for years to come. 

When you choose the Like Sew retail platform, subscription boxes are just one of the many features you’ll enjoy. 

The Quilting Renaissance and Subscription Box Trend

It seems like an odd pairing to some, what with quilting being an age-old hobby from back when it was a necessity. However, the resurgence in the popularity of quilting and the demographic of these crafters has created a unique opportunity in the market. Now is the time to capitalize on both the timeless art of quilting and the huge phenomenon of subscription boxes and curated collections. 

The Timeless Art of Quilting

Quilting goes back long beyond the settlers, with a history dating back as far as medieval times. Of course, plenty of cultures have used the process of quilting, or stitching together layers of fabric and padding, in their own way, for centuries. Some date it all the way back to Ancient Egypt, while others will tell you that modern quilting as we know it originated during the Crusades in Europe, around the 12th century. 

Today, classic quilting techniques are combined with modern tools and materials to allow people to create works of all kinds. Plus, the Internet has given them the chance to connect with other crafters, which helps keep the inspiration going. 

The Subscription Box Phenomenon

These days, it seems like there’s a subscription box for everything. People enjoy these boxes because they’re uniquely curated to their interests, but also usually include items that are a surprise to some degree. 

Many subscription boxes also include new and limited items, which makes them even more desirable. Crafters, especially, enjoy getting new crafts to work on, new supplies, and specialty items that you won’t find just anywhere. That’s what makes subscription boxes a great choice for this market. 

Designing a Captivating Quilting Subscription Box

Of course, you can’t just throw anything in a box and call it a “curated subscription.” There are some guidelines that you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Curated Supplies for Every Quilter

Think carefully about your customers and their desires. Use surveys or questionnaires to help you curate the boxes that you deliver and provide that personalized experience that people love. Consider monthly themes, exclusive and new items, or letting people pick the category of their supplies, for example. 

You can include just about anything in these boxes: 

  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Fabric
  • Patterns
  • Templates
  • Accessories
  • And more!

Innovative Quilt Projects

In addition to the supplies, you’ll also want to include a fun project in each box. Create an exclusive pattern collection or limited design that’s only available through the subscription box and watch your sales soar. 

When you’re surveying people for their customized boxes, make sure that you check their skill level so that there’s something in the box for the right audience, from beginners to advanced quilters. 

Crafting an Irresistible Subscription Model 

The other big aspect of your subscription box is the subscription itself. There are already dozens of quilting subscription box options out there on the market – what makes yours the best?

Frequency and Pricing Tiers

Make sure that you offer a selection of frequency options for your crafters. Avid quilters may want a monthly box, for example, while occasional crafters might be good with a three-month box subscription. 

You should also offer various subscription rates and pricing tiers, including rates for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. A discount for annual subscriptions is also a good way to guarantee more long-term commitments. 

Customization and Personalization

As mentioned, the customization aspect of subscription boxes is part of the appeal for many consumers. Consider letting your subscribers choose themes, color palettes, difficulty levels, or other details that can provide them with a more personalized experience. 

Elevating the Unboxing Experience

Of course, part of the joy of a quilting subscription box is receiving and opening the package. That’s where you can get really creative. 

Thoughtful Packaging

It’s important to design packaging that is both visually appealing and eco-friendly. Especially in these eco-conscious times, choosing your packaging materials carefully is paramount. 

You might also want to consider adding handwritten notes, stickers, or other personal touches that set your subscription box apart from the big chain brands. Put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes – what would delight your unboxing experience?

Unboxing Tutorials and Extras

You can add written instructions or include links to video tutorials for projects that are included in your subscription box. You might even include inspiration, tips, or access to online resources with the fabrics and supplies that you send. 

Marketing and Launch Strategy 

The next step comes in getting your audience excited about what’s to come. As soon as you start planning, you need to start marketing. 

Teasing and Generating Excitement

While you’re building your subscription model, you can use social media and your store website to tease customers and generate interest. You might even take advantage of this to get feedback on what to include. 

Perhaps you’ll offer sneak peeks or inside looks at what’s to come in the next box each month, keeping your audience engaged on a regular basis. 

Leveraging Influencers and Partnerships

Influencers and quilting bloggers are great resources for promoting your new subscription model. Do your homework and see who you can connect with for some promotional support. 

You can also explore partnerships with industry brands and companies where cross-promotion might be possible. 

Feedback and Iteration

What better way to perfect your new quilting subscription box than with direct feedback from your subscribers?

Collecting Subscriber Feedback

Encourage all of your quilters to share their input on the contents of each box, projects you include, and other details of the subscription process. Use that feedback to make improvements to future shipments, better tailor your offerings to customer preferences, and more. 

Continuous Innovation

It will also be critical to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in quilting so that you can keep your quilting subscription box fresh and exciting. Consider themed boxes from time to time, for example, or other ways you can add variety and intrigue. 

Final Thoughts: Subscriptions Foster a Sense of Community

In addition to giving customers a curated, exclusive experience, the subscription model can help foster a sense of community among your quilting customers. You can even create a special section for them on social media or your website where they can share their unboxings, items, and more. 

If you’re looking for a creative, profitable way to engage more customers, you should definitely consider a quilting subscription box that can take your quilting business to the next level.