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Using Videeo By CommentSold for Live Selling

by | Apr 9, 2024

If you’ve never heard of the live selling, get ready to be amazed! As you may already know, Videeo by CommentSold integrates with the Like Sew point of sale system and allows businesses to create more meaningful interactions with customers. Instead of only shopping through a standard website and picking out a product based solely on its description and reviews, customers get to chat with the store owner and see the benefits of the product being sold first-hand.

For sewing businesses with an e-commerce POS, live selling is incredibly important. The concept of live selling has gained plenty of popularity in recent years, and we can see why. In this day and age, social media is what keeps people and communities connected, and Videeo definitely takes that into account. It brings people to front and makes the selling process more fun and enjoyable.

What is Videeo by CommentSold?

Videeo by CommentSold makes it super easy to sell your products directly from your phone. It allows you to go live and interact with customers while being simultaneously linked to your company’s website and social media, so customers will never have trouble reaching you if they have questions or concerns. A few of Videeo’s top features include dynamic overlays that highlight special features of the product you’re trying to sell, and viewer access to a shopping cart that allows them to purchase the product on-screen without ever leaving the live stream.

To gain a better understanding of how to get started live selling through Videeo, we met with Jason Stoker, the Vice President of Key Accounts at Videeo by CommentSold. “My team and my role is really about how do we find people that want to grow and how do we give them the actionable data, the resources, and the time; and then work with them to make sure that we help their business scale and grow,” Stoker said. “Growth doesn’t always mean more sales. A lot of times you’ve gotta fix some other things before the sales come, and so we really try to look at it from both of those angles at CommentSold.”

Stoker goes on to explain how using Videeo for live selling works. While live selling through Videeo is a process that takes time, Videeo has helped merchants more than double their sales within just six months of implementation, so it’s definitely worth it. Let’s take a closer look at how to use Videeo, so that you can get started live selling right away.

How to Use Videeo by CommentSold for Live Selling

The process of integrating Like Sew with Videeo has been very exciting. In the podcast, Spencer Wright explains: “since I kind of got started with Like Sew a while back, one of the very first things that came up early on for us was we want to do live selling and we want you (CommentSold) to help us do it right.”

He goes on to ask Stoker how to get started live selling on Videeo, and Stoker explains that it’s mainly about building a viewership and engaging with that viewership in order to get them to like you and trust your product. “Live selling is the intersection of entertainment and revenue,” Stoker states. “And so between me trying to sell you something [and] entertaining you [at the same time], when those two worlds combine, [that’s] really when live selling takes its greatest form.”

Engaging with customers during live selling events takes time and a considerable amount of practice. It helps to have a socially-inclined host with a great personality, as that will help increase your product’s likeability and customer engagement. One of the main reasons Videeo is such a great live selling software is that it has features like dynamic overlays, which essentially advertise your product while you’re engaging with your customers.

Benefits of Using Videeo by CommentSold for Live Selling

There are endless benefits to using Videeo by CommentSold for live selling. For one, Videeo has a streamlined checkout process, which means customers will be able to purchase the product you’re selling without ever disengaging with the live stream. This level of convenience is practically unheard of, and it’s worked wonders to increase customer engagement as well as overall sales and revenue. Videeo also features enhanced customer tracking data and analysis, so you’ll never have to worry about the hassle of keeping track of data on your own.

The other great thing about Videeo is it gives people from all walks of life access to your product along with the ability to ask questions about it directly. “If I can get people talking in the live, they’re much more likely to buy something in the live because they’re opening up,” Stoker says. “That’s where the Videeo product really kind of began to get life is whether it’s swimming upstream to people that are more complex or whether it’s just going out with people that have different needs, we wanted to eliminate the integration problem.” In short, Videeo makes customers feel seen and heard, which is one of the most important aspects of selling.

Success Stories

Businesses have found major success using Videeo to live sell their products. This is because live selling has added an unmatched air of authenticity to the retail sales process, which you simply can’t get from just the typical online shopping experience alone. Stoker states: “I would just say one of the things that I think makes live selling so good is it’s not like a produced show. I think people feel like it’s gotta be perfect. And in fact, I would say perfect is almost negative because then it doesn’t feel authentic. It doesn’t feel real.”


Here at Like Sew, we love Videeo by CommentSold, and we’re sure you will too. Live selling through Video is an excellent way to engage with your customers on a whole nother level, and we can’t recommend it enough! Don’t just take our word for it, though. Try Videeo out and see for yourself! Selling has truly never been this easy.